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Peter Maaswinkel
A. Peter Maaswinkel, a visual arts graduate and doctor in library and information science, was a professor at the State Teacher Training College, Eupen, and at the IB University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. Cologne. He is the author of several publications on art education and communication. A. Peter Maaswinkel, agrégé en arts plastiques et docteur en science de l’information et des bibliothèques, a été professeur à l’Ecole Normale de l’Etat, Eupen, et à l’IB University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. Il est l’auteur de plusieurs publications sur l’art, la pédagogie et la communication.

Marcel Duchamp

The Enigma of the Urinal - L’énigme de l’urinoir
Von Peter Maaswinkel
On April 9th, 1917, a urinal was delivered as an art work to the First Annual Exhibition of the Independents in New York. The item received the title Fountain. It was signed R. Mutt, which turned out ...
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