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Katrin Luzar
Storyteller, morning person, loves a good detective novel. Supports women on their journey to confidence. After finishing her doctoral thesis in communication science about “Content Analysis on the WWW” she worked for seven years at the PR agency fischerAppelt. In 2011 she joined the job board as press secretary, took over the Marketing department in 2015 and became Senior Director Marketing EU in 2019 leading an international team. Her focus is brand management and content marketing. Her leadership style is collaborative and focuses on the power of sharing ideas and stories globa...

The Confidence Commandments

Make confidence your superpower! Ten strategies from women for women.
Von Katrin Luzar
Make confidence your superpower. The ten Confidence Commandments will help you. Learn about the power of “no”, how to find a wingwoman, accept compliments, and plan for the small-step victories. This ...
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