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Clemens Krugler
Born in Tübingen, 1992, Clemens Krugler was raised in a small village nearby. In his youth he developed interest in writing that started as a necessity to get a better understanding of his feelings in situations in which he was either ignored or actively defamed. Soon and yet some years afterwards, he realized that he could capture just any feeling he had through poetry. He explored his own reason and tried to find a way to make his poetry feel rewarding to read regardless of the feelings captured. In September 2016 he made his first performance, that would be the start of showing his art ...

rooftopisdead's diary

A journey of virtual crush
Von Clemens Krugler
In the modern society it is everyday life to come across others through the internet. Easily a conversation evolves to a frequently paused debate that just doesn't come to an end. At other moments y...
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